Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest 'written' word

I have not written a blog for a while, no excuses; ok, just a small one, still getting used to my new post as garden writer with Amateur Gardening Magazine.
I think I am doing ok, only Kris (my new boss, the Gardening Editor at AG) knows.  He hasn't shouted at me yet, though I am sure that in a few months time we will be getting on each others nerves, like a old married couple. All humour aside we are working well together and have the same taste in BBC comedy programmes so we will be fine.

I have done rather a lot these past few weeks. There was the GQT party which was utterly brilliant. Everyone involved in the programme are exceptional people and so knowledgeable that I realised I have a lot more to learn about horticulture. Working with them is an honour. And as for Sparsholt it was in a way a sad day for me, I will no longer be learning there, well not during the day. My lecturers will be continuing to teach me so I can finish the rest of my level 3 modules and Wisley will be putting up with me in the not too distant future, when I complete the practical module of my diploma. This year has been hard work, bit like my veg patch, the winter months will be soon with us and I will be having a long think about all the mistakes I made and correcting them, though a twenty eight hour day might help.

Ten Michelle points to those of you who can spot two hunky gardeners in the last pic.