Monday, 23 May 2011

RHS Gets Funky

I felt very lucky to watch the clouds of pollen at Chelsea from Anne-Marie Powell's show garden whilst sitting on a bean bag,(getting up from the bean bag is a blog in itself).

Now I am not going to go into detail about designs and flowers. The BBC and other blogs will do a far better job than I could ever do. But I do want to share some photographs that show what a stunning day I had.

The one display that stood out and blew me away was the RHS experience. Oh my, it was stunning, modern and funky. The stand showed how the RHS is changing and becoming more accessible. I spent more time there then looking at some crane with a odd shaped Hula Hoop hanging from it.

My college Sparsholt did a cracking display which even had Narcissus!! Here is Chris Bird looking very smart.

A lovely Gentleman from Sri Lanka Tourism, Sanjika Perera, who won my heart with a bracelet.

This very funny chap who was in Cleve West's show garden. I cannot remember his name, but he made me laugh.

And that was my Chelsea, loads of new ideas that will never happen in my garden due to time, money and sanity, but happy memories that will give me more.


  1. The RHS tent is coming well recommended it would seem-will take a peek myself.
    The Sparsholt boys look smart.

  2. Much much much better than the usual small random stand they have.

    I think they should set one up at Glastonbury this year. I don't mind helping out if they do.