Friday, 20 January 2012

The lonely

The end of January is a bad time for me. My boyfriend died on February 5th and was buried on the 14th. It's funny that the run up to the date is harder than than the actual day. On the day I spend time in quiet reflection and think about the future. Living in the past will not change anything, but I am me because of it.

I can't really say anymore this song says it all. I hope the next few weeks my friends and family understand if I am distant or go a bit wild. I need to go up and see where he is sleeping. The only flowers I place on him are a single English rose and a thistle.

For my close friends reading this be prepared for hugs.


  1. I am emphasis with you, I feel that way around the date of my sister's death but I have yet to bring myself to visit her grave as I cant bear the idea of her being there. I am trying to focus on her birthday more as a positive thing.

    Big virtual hug

  2. Most sad. Stay strong. I can only imagine the grief.

  3. This is a sad time of year for me too, my mother and brother both died in February. It must be very hard for you, but hope you have some good memories too.

  4. Found you via Enjoy Milford blog. I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing for you that your boyfriend was buried on St Valentine's day except that it is all about love.