Thursday, 25 August 2011


I have had a busy few weeks. I had the great honour of being on Woman's hour a couple of weeks ago, and gosh, was I nervous. Sitting in a sound booth with buttons in front of you, waiting for Jenni Murray to speak would make anyone feel sick with anticipation. It was also my first live radio broadcast. At the moment my learning curve in everything I do seems to be straight up. Whenever I am under pressure or feel swamped I remember working in casualty on a Friday night. Nothing is worse than that; life, death, abuse, happiness, so many emotions in a ten hour shift.
I know I am a very lucky person. I have had a career change and found a full time garden writers job in just a few years. I worked damn hard and filled every spare minute with my ambition to succeed as a professional modern gardener.
 I put my luck down to many things that have happened in life, but one episode changed me and my outlook and helped me get where I am today. I saw this moment in my plants this morning. The rose, 'Winchester Cathedral' which I had planted, and the other, a rogue seed from the year before. The rose was planted in memory of my boyfriend who passed away. He died in Winchester, and since then the city has always had a hold on me. This cultivar seemed the perfect choice. The other 'Love lies bleeding' summed up the feeling that never leaves me. No one ever stops grieving, but you learn to keep going.

Thank you Don and thank you my garden for helping me through my life when I am under pressure.


  1. Lovely post - sums up life fall of future plans, exciting things but remembering those that got us there

  2. You are lucky but it is a luck you have created yourself with hard work, ambition and courage. It's not easy these days to start a fresh career in such a different direction but you've shown it can be done and that inspires others. Losing people we love is the hardest thing and never leaves us when we can get to the point where the memories bring more pleasure than pain we have gone a long way towards healing.

  3. sit yourself down with a drink and pat yourself on the back for what you've done in such a short time. Obviously pat yourself on the back with the hand not holding the drink x

  4. Life is what we make it, sometimes because of or in spite of what gets chucked at us, so enjoy what you have achieved.