Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pest Of The Week/Month/Whenever One Makes Me Swear

I have had very sticky hands rubbing these little beasts (scale), off a lime tree for the last few weeks. I am very, very annoyed. Bit like Boudica.


  1. I've been rubbing the pests off a Contorted Hazel!

  2. I one sat for hours washing/rubbing each individual leaf of a 3ft bay tree! Next time I sprayed it with some organic stuff and they all just disappeared but I can't remember what the spray was..

  3. Hello Anon, though I do know who you are. Hard work rubbing them of a Hazel!

    Oh shame Arabella, the rubbing off reminds me of when I hand to polish my shoes in the Army for 3 hours....Swore quite a bit then.

  4. have you tried a soapy spray - just an idea no idea if it will work

  5. Stay calm!
    As highly paid garden writer you'll soon be earning enough to have a garden boy to do this sort of thing!!

  6. Hi Helen, yes I did try soapy spray, and it worked, sort of, some were missed and then of course came back. The good old fashion way of rubbing them off seems the best, though now doing it weekly and it is rather frustrating. May spray one week and rub the other.

    HI Robert,
    Ha, but then I would moan cause I was not getting dirty. Never satisfied, me.